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第313全球分享会: 高中生暑期实习与实践活动选择策略

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第313全球分享会: 高中生暑期实习与实践活动选择策略
第313全球分享会: 高中生暑期实习与实践活动选择策略


2022年3月26日 17:00 – GMT-7 18:00

Zoom Webinar


提纲:(1) 什么是高中生暑期实习和实践活动; (2) 参加暑期实习或实践活动对学生成长的重要作用; (3) 有竞争力的暑期实习和实践活动推荐; (4) 初/高中生参加硅谷青少年创业营 (FEC) 的收获

讲座语言: 中文

嘉宾1 (Mr. Vincent C.): (1) RMDS Lab数据科学家; (2) RMDS网站推荐系统设计者; (3) RMDS数据科学比赛的主办者之一、擅长机器学习与自然语言处理; 曾利用亚马逊的十数万条评论研究分析了covid期间消费者的价值取向变化。

嘉宾2 (Ms. Lily Z.): (1) MJT 执行董事在清华大学、(2) 英国Bradford University从事教育和国际交流项目工作十余年; (3) 近年专注于高中及大学生实习与实践活动的策划与开发


Key Takeaways: (1) What kinds of summer internships and practical activities exist for high school students; (2) The important role of participating in summer internships or practical activities for ensuring students' growth; (3) Competitive summer internships and practical activities recommendations; (4) How middle & high school students can take part in the Silicon Valley Youth Entrepreneurship Camp (FEC)

Lecture Language: Chinese

Guest Speakers

Guest 1 (Mr. Vincent C.): (1) RMDS Lab data scientist; (2) RMDS website recommendation system designer; (3) One of the sponsors of RMDS data science competition, good at machine learning and natural language processing; Zeng Using Amazon's research of hundreds of thousands of reviews to analyze changes in consumer value orientation during covid.

Guest 2 (Ms. Lily Z.): (1) The executive director of MJT has worked in Tsinghua University and (2) Bradford University, UK for more than ten years in education and international exchange projects; (3) In recent years, he has been focusing on internships and practical activities for high school and college students planning and development


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