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Buy Used Speakers Online

Buy Used Speakers Online -

Buy Used Speakers Online

Are the cabinets free of cracks, scratches, nicks, discolorations and so on Look at the back of the speaker and make sure the connectors aren't broken. Next, ask yourself, do the speakers have any odd odors Speakers owned by heavy smokers may smell really bad.

If you're buying online, have the seller send detailed images of the drivers, cabinet and connectors. Definitely ask if the seller has played the speakers, and not just to confirm they make sound, but also if they sound like they're not broken!

This is really important: does the seller have the speakers' original cartons and internal packing materials If they don't, shipping midsize or larger bookshelf or tower speakers safely is problematic. Unless the seller has some expertise in packing and shipping speakers, I would advise against buying large and heavy speakers without original boxes and packing materials. Small speakers are much easier to ship, as long as the seller takes some care in packing them.

Audio dealers that sell used gear sometimes offer warranties on used products, which might be worth paying extra for. Some offer return or exchange privileges; before you buy, ask about the dealer's policies. Sellers of used audio such as Audiogon, Audio Classics and of course eBay are good places to start online searches.

Before buying an expensive set of used speakers, find out if the manufacturer is still in business, and find out if they service their older models, and if they still stock replacement parts. When speakers are 20 or more years old the drivers may have dried out or weakened. When in doubt, proceed with caution. Sure, if you stumble on a decent looking set of speakers for $20/15/AU$25 in a thrift shop or yard sale that you can't play, they might still be worth taking a chance on. When the price gets serious, do your due diligence!

As for speaker brands I like, here's a list, but it's far from complete: Aerial Acoustics, Boston Acoustics, Bowers & Wilkins, Definitive Technology, Dynaudio, Focal, Harbeth, JBL, KEF, Klipsch, Magnepan, Martin-Logan, Monitor Audio, NHT, Paradigm, PMC, Polk, PSB, Revel, Snell, Sonus Faber, Spendor, Tannoy, Thiel, Vandersteen, Wharfedale, Wilson Audio and Zu Audio. Any of those brands' speakers would be worth checking out.

There are quite a few used audio sites, but the most recognizable are Audiogon ( and Ebay ( Both of these sites have a wide selection of speakers, and you can often find a good deal on both old and newer-style speakers. Before you lay down your hard earned money, however, there are a few questions to ask the seller before buying used speakers.

If speakers are placed near windows they often become faded on the exterior. In addition, if the drivers were exposed to sunlight, they might show signs of cracking on the rubber surrounding the drivers.

Welcome to USAudioMart, in this section you can find used speakers classifieds. Postings are free for hobbyists. Register today and start selling/buying speakers and other audio gear!

All kinds of gear! Mixers, power amps, compressors, EQs, digital effects, wireless mic systems, in-ear monitor set-ups, microphones, speakers, snakes, rack gear, video cameras, video switches, stage lights, moving lights, lighting boards, projectors, digital video recorders, cassette decks, keyboards, drum sets, hand bells, etc.

You do not pay at this time and after you place a FINAL PRICE REQUEST we will review it and add in any available Frequent Flyer Program incentives, deducting any purchase credits you may have in your account with us, and adding in freight costs. We will send you an email with the FINAL PRICE QUOTE and a link to make a payment in your account online to complete your order.

Looking at total speakers, Mandarin is the second most widely spoken language in the world. However, it's the most spoken language in the world if you count only first-language (native) speakers due to China's significant populati


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