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Rings For Couples: Which finger do they belong on?

You've been gifted the diamond ring as a present but you don't know the finger to wear it on? You may be wondering what this elusive band on the finger of a friend is about.

We will discuss which finger has the significance of wearing a ring. This is based upon tradition, but it's important to note that you can wear any ring however you'd like. Even on traditionally symbolically-marked fingers A ring doesn't have to mean something.

Solitaire rings

Ring finger meaning

The ring finger has undisputedly been the most important of the world of rings. When romantic gestures or traditions are involved, this ring is adorned with jewellery. The ring finger isn't named for nothing. One theory is that the custom of wearing jewelry on finger rings dates back to the ancient Romans who believed that a vein connecting the ring to the heart. Although this has since been proved to be incorrect, the belief remains firmly in society.

What is the significance of wearing rings on your fingers that are ring-shaped mean?

The ring finger of the left hand is reserved for the engagement ring. So if someone is wearing a sparkling diamond ring on this finger, felicitate them since it is likely that they are getting married soon.

If you notice an ring on your right ring finger it's likely a wedding band. Wedding rings are easily recognized by their simple designs. Since they are worn on a daily basis by many people they are generally simple comprising a beautiful metal ring in white gold or gold.

After the wedding, an engagement ring is either still worn on the left hand, or with the wedding ring on the finger that holds the ring of the right hand.

Even couples who don't wish to get married usually opt to wear symbolic jewelry. Partner rings are becoming more popular and are worn on the finger of the ring as a substitute for wedding or engagement rings. This is a wonderful option to continue the tradition without having to make the union "official" by obtaining the marriage license.

The significance of a ring is on the middle finger

If you read the many articles on this subject, many people wonder what a ring on the middle finger signifies. The answer is simple: nothing. The middle finger isn't given a special meaning, unlike the ring finger. Anyone who wears an ring for the middle finger, regardless of which hand they wear it on, is doing so for practical reasons.

The ring can appear better or fit better on the middle finger. The middle finger can be used to wear jewelry even if the ring already occupied with an engagement or wedding band.

Rings on the thumb and finger

Just like the middle finger Wearing rings on the small and thumb finger has no significance symbolical. The ring finger is traditionally the only finger where jewelry of any significance is displayed.

Since there are no rules about wearing partner rings, which can be meaningful to couples, it is possible that they are placed on the thumb or the little finger.

While many rings and the fingers on which they are placed have no traditional meaning however, jewelry can be very meaningful to the wearer. After all, jewelry is often given as a gift on occasions, or worn as a souvenir of a specific person. It could be a treasured ancestral heirloom passed down from grandparents or a token to show friendship, a gift for a significant life event, a family crest and many more.

So if you see an earring on someone and wonder what it means it is best to ask. Who knows? Maybe there is a story behind that piece of jewelry. In any case, you will learn something about the person you're conversing with and create an excellent opportunity to break the ice for an interesting conversation.


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