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Ogalinau Izajcevb

The Concubine Korean Movie 2012 14

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the first of these is the fact that there is now only a handful of serious opposition parties in south korea. even the ruling party has had to engage in a kind of cultural politics it has historically shunned. this means that people have turned their attention to other choices when it comes to culture and entertainment. korean music, which could once be lumped together with kimbap, mandolins, and senakugane in south korean culture, has at least since the mid-1990s been given a long overdue and totally legitimate status as one of korea's most important national art forms, along with both drama and cinema. korean pop music, dubbing, costume dramas and film have all taken their place in the cultural curriculum alongside kimchi, namul, the many and varied rituals of sacrifice at the birth of a child or a house, traditional costumes, and so on. we may not care for the politics of korea, or like to feel even closer to korea than we do to japan. but we are beginning to listen to and respect what it has to say to us. hence the recent surge in popularity of some of the more serious works of women writers (of which a few were included in our special anthology last year vol. 16 ) and some of the most interesting works of literature since the mid-1960s. however, just as kim ku wrote about only after the korean war and the political and social upheaval of the entire 70s and 80s, hallyu started only when the political and economic landscape started to change again, with the liberalisation of the 1990s and the rise of global capitalism. in these circumstances its main role has been to encourage the expansion of capitalism in a new and innovative way, using korea's traditional culture and education as well as its talented writers, film-makers, singers and others to celebrate and promote the new way of life offered up by japanese and american multinationals. much of the dream of economic and cultural globalisation had been realised by the mid-90s and beyond. but at the same time some of its perils were also clearly emerging. not least of which was the hijacking of south koreans culture by the regime of their north. 3d9ccd7d82


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