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This is my poem:

H is for Help those people

U is for Undernourished and malnourished

N is for No more wasting food

G is for Growing more food

E is for Everyone should pitch in

R is for Really desperate

Not everything should be taken for granted, Not so many trees as plastic factories have been planted.

Poverty and hunger, a match, a pair, putting those suffering into despair.

Thrown away food litters the street, all because the packaging didn't look neat.

We have to stop this, this is getting out of hand. If we're quick enough, I promise we can.

You might not relate, but I can promise that, if hunger keeps going on, this also be our fate.

We can still stop this, It's not too late. If this doesn't stop, nothing will be on our plates.


PLCS stands for... P arents + L earners + C oaches + S up...

PLCS Collaborators

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