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Deftones Lovers Free UPD Mp3 Download

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Deftones began incorporating "Rocket Skates" into their live set list as early as October 2009.[2][3] As part of a promotion for Diamond Eyes, a free download of the single was made available for 24 hours on February 23, 2010 through the band's website, accompanying new information about the album.[4] The surge of visitors trying to download the track crashed the website's servers, resulting in temporary technical difficulties.[5] It was later made available on digital music retail sites such as iTunes and after the free download expired.[6]

As a part of international Record Store Day on April 17, 2010, 3,000 copies of "Rocket Skates" were released in a limited edition 7" vinyl format with a "picture sleeve" supporting the unofficial holiday.[4][6] The vinyl edition featured a B-side remix of "Rocket Skates" by French electronic band M83.[7] The remix was also given away as a free download to anyone who placed a pre-order for the CD version of Diamond Eyes.[8]

This song is about an automobile accident involving 2 lovers and the afterlife. They crash and die in the explosion, leaving this mortal plane. Only to discover freedom to be together forever.

The album was originally released as an 11-track edition beginning with "Feiticeira" and ending with "Pink Maggit", and featuring gray cover art. A limited-edition print of 50,000 black-and-red jewel case versions of White Pony was released at the same time with a bonus twelfth track titled "The Boy's Republic".[38] Later, the band released "Back to School (Mini Maggit)", a rap-influenced interpretation of "Pink Maggit". The song was released as a single and included as the new opening track of a re-released White Pony on October 3, 2000. The new release still had "Pink Maggit" as the final track and featured altered white cover art. Not entirely happy with re-releasing the album, the band negotiated to have "Back to School" made available as a free download for anyone who had already bought the original album. Moreno noted that "Everybody's already downloaded our record before it came out anyway, otherwise I'd be kind of feelin' like, 'Man, why [are] we putting [out] all these different versions of the record' [...] that's the best way we can actually get this song out to the people who already purchased this record, for free basically. And if they wanna buy the record again, it's cool".[39]

Deftones' sixth album, Diamond Eyes, was originally scheduled for release on April 27, 2010; this date was later pushed back to May 18. In March, it was announced that the album had leaked onto the Internet, and the album's release date was moved forward to May 4 as a result.[72] On February 23, 2010, the album's first single, "Rocket Skates", was made available for free download at[73][74] The album was produced by Nick Raskulinecz. In contrast to Eros' dark and aggressive nature, the band took a more optimistic approach both lyrically and sonically on Diamond Eyes.[75] 1e1e36bf2d


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