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Cute Black Teen Model

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As the world becomes more and more digital, the modeling industry is evolving with it. With the rise of social media platforms, such as Instagram, models are becoming more popular and visible than ever before. And while all types of models are gaining visibility online, black models are leading the pack. Here are 56 of the top black Instagram models who will be making waves in 2023.

Frantzcesca Casimir is one of the beautiful black Instagram models and famous fitness trainers. Her Instagram account has earned a lot of attention and 976K followers for highlighting her progress, fitness recommendations, and customer feedback.

Nyakim Gatwech is a famous black Instagram model who has been nicknamed the Queen of the Dark. This Ethiopian-born American model of South Sudanese descent has drawn attention and grown significantly in popularity on Instagram because of her dark skin color.

Channel Delisser is one of the beautiful black Instagram models. As a fitness trainer and Instagram star, she has gained 1M Instagram followers. She is well-known for posting gorgeous-looking pictures and fitness-related content.

In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on March 1, 1978, Liya Kebede was born. She is an actress, model, fashion designer, and advocate for maternal health. She is among the most famous black Instagram models and amassed 254K followers.

Babeth Lando is one of the popular black Instagram models who is a Congolese actress, model, singer, fitness instructor, and social media influencer. Babeth Lando joined the church choir when she was five years old and started singing gospel music.

Jessica C. Andrews is the Fashion Director at Popsugar. She has held previous positions as fashion features editor at Teen Vogue, deputy fashion editor at Bustle, and deputy fashion director at Refinery 29. This cute pretty black girl on Instagram has gained 27K followers.

Are you looking for one of the hottest black Instagram models Arielle is one of them who has gained recognition on Instagram. She has 14.6K followers, and her posts often get tens of thousands of likes.

She started as a makeup artist and then decided to step into body-positive lifestyle blogging. She is one of the most popular black IG models who has 253K followers. She uses her influence to inspire other women that they should love every part of themselves and that they are beautiful.

Iesha Gilchrist is one of the most followed black Instagram models with 346K followers. She is also active on other social media platforms like TikTok. She shares photos and videos regarding fashion, family, hair, etc., on her IG account.

Denise Osei is a social media strategist with 37.4K followers on her Instagram account. As one of the black IG models, she uses her influence to create and share lifestyle, fashion, and travel content.

Anith Benjamin can be one of the best brand ambassadors if you are looking for a micro influencer to promote your products/services. She is one of the most influential black Instagram models who shares fashion and lifestyle content.

Tanya Marie who is better known as Life of Tanya Marie, is 28 and resides in Dallas. She is one of the cute African Instagram models. Her African roots run deep, and her culture is a huge part of her identity.

McPherson is a native of Milan who was born in Jamaica. She is an inspiration to follow due to her sense of style and creative eye. Her feed consistently features a splash of elegance and color, and you can tell that she has the guts to look for, try out, and pull off new styles. This black Instagram model has 441K followers on her account.

Imani Randolph is a model, freelance stylist, and fashion designer. She is a genuine follower of all things fashionable. Therefore, you can always find her experimenting with new clothes, whether it be a leather coat, baggy pants, or just a black t-shirt and black swimsuit.

Jason Boateng is a fashion creative director, TV stylist, and designer. His Instagram profile makes it clear why he is a black Instag


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