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Ogalinau Izajcevb

Ki Imsi File Download ^HOT^

LINK --->>>

I am trying to follow your comment:Fix a issue in mme that crash mme with some phones in the attach-request procedure (maybe Android 6 phones)If you want to fix only this issue, pick files:src/nas/emm/Attach.csrc/nas/ies/SupportedCodecList.cin the hereafter tar fileThe issue is: mme wrong decoding of smartphone codec list

please your support with the below error , occured when applying the epc patch that impact installation of third party swroot@user:/home/user/Downloads/opencells-mods-20170823/opencells-mods# git apply EPC.patcherror: patch failed: build/tools/build_helper:99error: build/tools/build_helper: patch does not applyerror: patch failed: scripts/run_spgw:173error: scripts/run_spgw: patch does not applyerror: patch failed: src/common/common_defs.h:109error: src/common/common_defs.h: patch does not applyerror: patch failed: src/gtpv1-u/gtp_mod_kernel.c:31error: src/gtpv1-u/gtp_mod_kernel.c: patch does not applyerror: patch failed: src/gtpv1-u/gtp_mod_kernel.h:6error: src/gtpv1-u/gtp_mod_kernel.h: patch does not applyerror: patch failed: src/gtpv1-u/gtpv1u_task.c:111error: src/gtpv1-u/gtpv1u_task.c: patch does not applyerror: src/nas/emm/Attach.c: No such file or directoryerror: src/nas/ies/SupportedCodecList.c: No such file or directoryerror: patch failed: src/oai_hss/utils/hss_config.c:297error: src/oai_hss/utils/hss_config.c: patch does not applyerror: patch failed: src/s6a/s6a_peer.c:88error: src/s6a/s6a_peer.c: patch does not apply

Dear Hongjing,Yes, of course.All the EPC configuration files are in our tar file examples, and you can find other prepared versions in OAI wiki.All the EPC files default directory is /usr/local/etc/oai.In these files, you need only to change the IP@ to use your IP network configuration.For eNB, the IP@ are in the configuration you pass in parameter -O on the command line.Best regards,Laurent

Hi Laurent,The mme is easy to end with a segmentation fault:Assertion ((15 == auth_info_req->imsi_length) (14 == auth_info_req->imsi_length)) failed!In nas_itti_auth_info_req() /home/damon/oai/openair-cn/src/nas/nas_itti_messaging.c:320Bad IMSI length 13 Will Intentionaly raise SEGFAULT to be catched by GDB!Obtained 10 stack frames.mme(display_backtrace+0x28) [0x555d81710847]mme(nas_itti_auth_info_req+0x14f) [0x555d8165f200]mme(+0xada5c) [0x555d81683a5c]mme(emm_proc_attach_request+0x1268) [0x555d81682d06]mme(emm_recv_attach_request+0xb6b) [0x555d816562be]mme(+0x7a650) [0x555d81650650]mme(emm_as_send+0xff) [0x555d8164f3d8]mme(emm_sap_send+0xd5) [0x555d8164af32]mme(nas_proc_establish_ind+0x1b6) [0x555d816426fc]mme(+0x6bf76) [0x555d81641f76]./run_mme: line 87: 8134 Segmentation fault $SUDO mme `echo $exe_arguments` 2>&1

Hi,for a given IMSI: you need to set the same Ki and OPc in the SIM and in the HSS.OPc may be computed automatically from the OP by the HSS, but it is over complexity for our usage.So, the simplest is to: disable OP (set it blank in hss.conf for OAI, in the HSS data file for srsLTE), set same triplet: IMSI,Ki and OPc in both HSS and SIM card.How you set it depends on the SIM card provider.

Hi Wael,It is even merged in develop branch now.We did some more tests: the ports are defined in the Lime .ini file you use, as the OAI calls to the API is very minimal (it sets the frequency, the gain, the sampling rate).Laurent



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