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2. FxQueues Plugin


For all FxQueues plugin users, I just pushed a new version (2.0.3) that is only compatible with jQuery 1.3.x, since many tests and the main example under 2.0.2 weren't working with jQuery's latest version.

Inspired by Benjamin Sterling's "Better jQuery Code" article I decided to develop a simple plugin to make his first point (Caching) easier... nothing fancy, just a few methods, but you will hopefully find it useful.

it would queue the animations. But what if you wanted to be able to queue different elements (just like Scriptaculous allows) Well, that's the reason why I developed the jQuery Fx Queues plugin. So go ahead and check it out, and feel free to send me your comments or any bugs you find.

Now, I know that there are a few plugins out there for jQuery that probably can do this, but the point of this post is to show how simple it is to create something like this with a few lines of jQuery and CSS.

In the meantime, I came across a plugin from John Resig with similar functionality. Since it's core implementation was far better than mine, I updated the jQuery FxQueues Plugin to a 2.0 version, by merging John's and my code (I also created a new example page and some unit tests).

In this article I will introduce the xTypeAheadify.js jQuery plugin which I have created and submitted to xTypeAheadify works in conjunction with the XPages typeAhead control to created an enhanced user experience above and beyond the out of the box control. The plugin is an evolution of the original enhancement I published back in February 2012.

I went down the path of creating a jQuery plugin rather than using an XPages custom control because of the power of the selectors. This method provides greater flexibility in assigning the plugin to specific fields and also allows for other enhancements via the jQuery chaining capability.

The plugin has five optional, customizable, parameters but in its most basic format the plugin is instantiated using one line of code. The following code will add a default waiting icon, default fail icon and default dojo popup to the inputText1 typeAhead field on the form.

The plugin also intercepts the dojo xhr request to the database and if zero results are returned then a visual indicator is displayed along with e a dojo tooltip (if the parameters are set appropriately)

I hope that you will find use for this plugin. I have already received positive feedback from the customers who I have implemented the capability for and I look forward to hearing what you think and how it can be improved further.

In this article I will demonstrate how to implement the JQVMAP jQuery plugin into an XPage. There are 4 maps to chose from but users are able to create their own and add more maps if they need to. In addition to the out of the box functionality I have added some XPage lookup data to demonstrate the integration potential. As I have written this article ideas and thoughts have come at me quick and fast and this is much larger than I had originally intended. If you need maps on your website this is a fantastic flexible solution.

JQVMAP is a jQuery plugin based on the original jVectorMap plugin. The plugin provides an abundance of parameterized options for the developer to create their own maps, add color, add interactivity and provide a very slick solution to a broad requirement of many customers, to provide mapping capabilities to their website.

The plugin then determines the color scale between the two passed in color parameters and scales each region based on the data provided. And quite frankly that rocks, bigtime! Changing the scale colors can do this to your maps and is very effective if you are looking to show coal usage or rainforest or anything where color enhances the information

In this article I will describe how to implement and provide examples of use the jQuery plugin PageSlide within an XPage. This is a fairly simple plugin with very few parameters but provides an alternate method for displaying


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