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Citrix Gotomeeting Codec

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Codec selection and bandwidth consumption:Between the user device and the VDA in the data center, we recommend using the Optimized-for-Speech codec setting, also known as Medium Quality audio. Between the VDA platform and the IP-PBX, the softphone uses whatever codec is configured or negotiated. For example:

The bidirectional Citrix Audio Virtual Channel (CTXCAM) enables audio to be delivered efficiently over the network. Generic HDX RealTime takes the audio from the user headset or microphone and compresses it. Then, it sends it over ICA to the softphone application on the virtual desktop. Likewise, the audio output of the softphone is compressed and sent in the other direction to the user headset or speakers. This compression is independent of the compression used by the softphone itself (such as G.729 or G.711). It is done using the Optimized-for-Speech codec (Medium Quality). Its characteristics are ideal for Voice over Internet Protocol. It features quick encode time, and it consumes only approximately 56 Kilobits per second of network bandwidth (28 Kbps in each direction), peak. This codec must be explicitly selected in the Studio console because it is not the default audio codec. The default is the HD Audio codec (High Quality). This codec is excellent for high fidelity stereo soundtracks but is slower to encode compared to the Optimized-for-Speech codec.

If you have already recorded your webinar without selecting the option above you will have convert the file to a standard Windows Media Player file before you can convert it to a different format. To accomplish this first make sure that you have the GoToMeeting codec installed:

GoToMeeting CodecOnce the codec is installed you will need to grab the transcoder/converter and a necessary dll from the install folder. The two files you need are g2mtranscoder.exe and g2m.dll. The install folder will be inside your Program Files->Citrix-> and the numbered version of the codec. In our case we are testing on a 64-bit system, so the install folder is in x86:

Once the process is closed open your file in MediaInfo to confirm that it has a different codec in the video stream. Now it is ready to converted to a more accessible MP4 file by our converter or another third part converter such as Handbrake.

I have some wmv files which use the G2M4 codec. They were created by go to meeting. Only windows media player can play these files. I want to remove this codec (is that even possible) or convert it to a form that can be played by regular media players on computers and android phones.

Die to restrictions of dropbox, you can only watch the first 15 minutes on dropbox. After that, you will need to download the video to watch the remainder. Also, you might need the GoToMeeting Codec to watch the recording. Here is the website from which to download it:

From a delivery controller run get-brokerhypervisorconnection determine the preferred controller, from that preferred controller restart the citrix host connection service. I see this occasionally as well. This normally fixes the unknown power state.

If you see servers with power state unknown log on to DDC server , open powershell as administrator and paste commands below one by one]asnp Citrix*Get-Service Citrix* Stop-Service -ForceGet-Service Citrix* Start-Service citrix asnp*

In my ongoing series of wideband codec interviews I have discussed SILK with Jonathan Christensen of Skype and Speex with its primary author, Jean-Marc Valin. I have also written about Siren from Polycom. So it is high time to look at one of the best known and most widely deployed wideband codecs, iSAC from GIPS. I spoke with Jan Lindén, V.P. of Engineering at GIPS.

MS: Who else indemnifiesJL: Typically not the codec vendor, but if you go and buy a chip from someone that has a codec on it from somebody like TI you will typically get indemnification, but from the chip vendor, not the IPR vendor.

Effectively 100% of VoIP calls made from


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