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Eroh Eroh
Eroh Eroh

Navigating Sexual Performance Anxiety

Lately, I've been struggling with sexual performance anxiety, which has made my intimate moments less enjoyable and more stressful. The pressure to perform perfectly every time is overwhelming and has led to a cycle of worry and disappointment. This anxiety is not only affecting my self-esteem but also the connection I share with my partner. I know that communication is crucial, but finding the right words to express my fears without feeling judged is difficult. I’m considering exploring therapy or seeking advice from a sexual health expert to overcome these challenges and rediscover the joy and connection in my sexual relationship. I can add that watching porno videos really helps me in many ways

Van Proft
Van Proft
Jun 05

Talking to your partner and a therapist can provide new insights and strategies to overcome these obstacles. You're taking a proactive approach, which is commendable. I wish you the best on this path to rediscovery and connection.



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