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Usb Dvb T Stick For Mac NEW!

LINK :::

This amazing TV tuner stick provides superior digital television reception (DVB-T, or Freeview) deep indoors, in conditions that are challenging for reception outdoors, and while travelling at high speeds. EyeTV Diversity contains two integrated receivers and two portable rod aerials that work together to achieve optimal reception in Diversity mode. In Dual Tuner mode, they operate independently as two distinct tuners so you can watch two different channels picture-in-picture, or watch one show while you record another simultaneously.

About us...The brand TERRATEC stands for reliable high quality products in the range of sound, speakers, Video, TV and accessories. From speakers in various sizes and styles to internal and external sound cards TERRATEC offers a wide range of products to meet the demands of the sound lover. Regarding to the issues of TV and Video the brand provides TV cards and DVB-T sticks for TV reception on your tablet or notebook, as well as the so called Grabster ,which helps you digitalize your VHS cassettes or offers the possibility of recording your gaming sessions. Convenient accessories such as an anti-theft-protection item for your smartphone top off the portfolio. Please find further informations under

The USB TV sticks are bundled with Elgato's EyeTV Lite TV -- an application that essentially turns Macs into personal video recorders (PVRs) by allowing users to schedule recordings using an integrated electronic program guide (EPG) from providers such as IceTV.

For about $75 we can set up our own ADS-B receiver to receive position data from nearby airplanes. For this we need a RTL2832U capable USB DVB-T stick and a Raspberry Pi or Mac. If we like, we can then share the received data with or

T232(DVB-T2) / A682(ATSC) is a small size dual-tuner usb HD TV stick receiver for windows, linux and Mac devices, such as PC, Raspberry Pi, etc. You can watch 2 different digital channels at the same time with picture in picture mode, or watch one TV program while recording another channel.

Note :Plug in VGB100 USB stick before software installation ; Pause Windows Defender or other antivirus before installation.The activation key is written on the green label on the back of the CD cover.

Note :Plug in VGB350 USB stick before software installation ; Pause Windows Defender or other antivirus before installation.The activation key is written on the green label on the back of the CD cover.

Hi, I've purchased a "Yakumo Quickstick TV easy" and it doesn't work after compiling and installing the modules. Its vendor and product id ara 0x14aa and 0x620, and it does not appear in modules.usbmap. So I think it's not defined... ßingen.

The latest Freecom/Yacumo usb stick has a Realtek 2831U chipset and any of the following usb id's: 14aa:0160, 0bda:2831, 2304:022b, 185b:0100, 13d3:3216, 13d3:3220, 13d3:3236, 13d3:3244, 08dd:2103. Latest Windows drivers dates january 2007 and can be downloaded at

UPDATE: Realtek submitted a v0.0.2 of their driver feb 20th 2008. This has been confirmed to function for this Freecom (or Conceptronic) stick with usb id: 14aa:0160 on a kernel. This stick has a MT2061F tuner chip, but this driver also supports the MLX5005 tuner chip. No additional firmware file is needed.

UPDATE: "Anttip" linuxtv HG [182] repository has EC168 development drivers (not yet part of Kernel v4l drivers), which work with EC168 based dvb-t sticks (18b4:1689 device id). Numerous other re-branded sticks use the same chipset.

Now, I updated Raspbian, updated the kernel, installed the Tvheadend 3.4 Wheezy and I connected the TV stick to USB port. I can successfully login into tvheadend browser. I navigate to configuration and Adapter List. NOW, when I click on the "adapter list menu" this menu opens for one milisecond and then close down.

You're running a really old version of Tvheadend (if you want a newer version you'll have to build it


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