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Bacnet Simulator

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The BACnet simulator can run as a BACnet/IP or BACnet/MSTP device. It can be configured and modified via a Lua script, which allows for the creation of and interaction with various different BACnet object instances and their properties.

The simulator can be run with no configuration. This will run the IP version and populate the device with 1 instance of every object. The default network ID and device object name are described the table above.

To run the simulator with one of the example lua scripts thats included in the container, a command is provided.As can be seen, both the BACnet instance ID and device name are both set along with the path to the lua script.

The script used will run the simulator with 2 instances of the objects Analog Input, Analog Output and Analog Value.The present value properties of Analog Input and Analog Value objects will update every 5 seconds with a random value between 1 and 1000.

If script driven changes to properties are not required, the populate argument can be usedinstead of script. This option will populate the device with n number of instances of every object type the simulator supports.

To connect to the MSTP version of the simulator on the same host as the BACnet device service, run the simulator as instructed.Once running find the IP of the docker container with the following command:

To create BACnet connections a software license (OP3150) and Gateway kit (OP3151) are required. Since the Gateway connects to the Real-Time Simulator via ethernet interface (RJ-45), if additional interfaces are required in the simulator then a physical ethernet port add-on module will need to be added (see OP3821 and I350T4V2BLK). 1e1e36bf2d


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