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Pitch with Confidence!


The Future Entrepreneur Challenge Program Presentation Skills course is an advanced program designed for middle and high school students to learn the skills they will need for pitching their business ideas to investors. Throughout this course, students will join a 3-week competition pitch event and receive instruction and mentorship from experienced professionals and entrepreneurs


By the end of the course, students will have:

  • Learned the comprehensive pitching knowledge and techniques
  • Demonstrated the learnings through a pitching competition
  • Received a Presentation Skills course certificate

* Top performers may receive a recommendation letter from the instructor


SessionModuleLearning outcomes

Fundamentals and getting to AMAZING

  • Understand the history of pitching from Silicon Valley perspectives
  • Learn basic pitch elements
  • Stack the deck – tips and tricks
  • Know the common examples- success and mistakes
  • Pitch and Q&A
2Competition kick-off
  • Kick off the competition – pitch round 1
  • Pivots – some ideas need to change
  • Communicate the product vision
  • Know big market- what investors expect
  • Craft yours story- company story and user journey
  • Learn word optimization and cadence
  • Be ready for anything- what happens when something goes wrong?
  • Learn mental preparation techniques – mind of matter
3Competition semifinals
  • Competition pitch round 2
  • Understand what makes you fundable?
  • Know why metrics matter
  • Rote or off-the-cuff – about memorization
  • Know your audience
  • Learn posture and body language
  • Beautify the pitch – visual design methodology
4Competition finals and final notes
  • Learn the three key principles of high-level fundamentals 
  • Learn the four-step framework
  • Competition finals


* Please note that the curriculum plan may be adjusted to match students’ needs and skills.



Instructor: Ethan Schur


  • Honored with the VFX Societies Lumiere Award and hold the title of “America’s Greatest Maker” as the $1 Million Dollar Prize winner
  • Speaker, panelist, and moderator who has appeared on Forbes, CNN, TBS, and others
  • CEO at Grush, the inventor of the smart connected toothbrush technology
  • CTO at Telepresence Robotics Corporation (TRC). TRC disrupts the economics of the service robot industry with an advanced multipurpose modular robotTM and MMR-PlatformTM
  • Board member of the VR Film Festival and the Robotic Fashion Network
  • Co-author of several patents and papers, and is an accredited journalist with the International Federation of Journalists


If you have any questions about the programs, please don’t hesitate to email us at or give us a call at (650) 409-9999.

FEC Presentation Skills

  • 9/14-10/5, Tuesday, 4-6pm

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