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Presentation Skills (Winter 2021-2022)
Harmony Plus, Inc.

Presentation Skills (Winter 2021-2022)


This program helps learners to develop original methods used to orally convey all kinds of ideas. In the process of coming up with creative and interesting topics to share during a talk or presentation, learners will learn to connect the dots. Although the use of slideshow or other kinds of visual aids makes for a much more captivating talk, and the creation of such aids can help develop students' confidence, there is a lot more to giving a powerful presentation on the non-verbal side of things. Join us to up your game!


  • Learn how to overcome fear. (Not everyone knows it, but fear is one of the biggest causes of anxiety and nervousness when people are speaking in front of other people)

  • Generally improve your communication skills

  • Develop more social connections

  • Enhance your public etiquette

  • Improve your organization skills

  • Experience career and academic growth indirectly

  • Inspire others to have fun



  • Ethan Daniel Schur has been a Silicon Valley innovator for over 25 years and is the CEO of Grush. This company invented the smart connected toothbrush technology. Ethan is also the CTO of TRC Robotics, President of HoloPert Holographics, and chairman of the GTSP Group for cross-border relations. Ethan is on the board of the VR Film Festival, as well as the Robotic Fashion Network.

  • He gives speeches about the future of VR/AR, IoT, Wearables, and cloud. As an engaging speaker, panelist, and moderator and has appeared on Forbes, CNN, TBS, and other television networks. Ethan is also the CTO of Telepresence Robotics Corporation. 

  • He is a graduate of the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business Hardware Startup Accelerator.

  • Ethan is the co-author of several patents and papers, and is an accredited journalist with the International Federation of Journalists.

  • Ethan is a former representative of the American Delegation to the United Nations subgroup creating the MPEG-4 (H.264) standard. 

  • He was the top 3D video codec specialist at SMPTE, ATSC, SCTE, Chair the of SID conference on 3D Display, and Author of Stereoscopic 3D to the Home (commissioned by McGraw Hill).

  • Ethan has been honored with the VFX Societies Lumiere Award and holds the title of "America’s Greatest Maker" as the $1 Million Dollar Prize winner on the hit reality television competition America’s Greatest Makers.

  • He is proficient in technologies ranging from IoT, Convolutional Neural Networks, to UNIX and advanced robotics. 

  • Ethan is credited in AAA game titles such as “The Sims”, “Medal of Honor” and “Lord of the Rings” Especially savvy in international business and conferences.

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