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ABOUT THE WRITER Nini S. has experienced many of the same problems that she mentors and consults with the learners and learner families. Whether regarding liberal arts topics or business strategy, studying in China or studying abroad,  adapting to changes in the environment, or overcoming difficulties found in both studies and life, she has many stories and lessons to share. She has accumulated knowledge from many invaluable experiences that money cannot buy. Furthermore, on the concrete side of things, Nini has a good understanding of the education system and applying for studying abroad in many countries in Oceania and North America. She believes that acquiring more knowledge is simply the happiest thing one can do with their life.

ABOUT THE COLUMN When we reach the age of 18, we may not know what to do in the future, but we can do our best to prepare for possible future choices. Many of us do not carefully study the demands for graduates of certain majors for certain occupations in the job market, which is an easy mistake to make. For example, some professions look very attractive, but we also must understand the skills and character needed to undertake them. On the other hand, universities do not make decisions out of thin air. They constantly adjust their courses to meet market trends and future development needs. Many new professional and interdisciplinary subjects are emerging. We have seen many new emerging professions, and we will increasingly see new ones that bring about many very new and exciting things. Most employers value transferable skills – such as problem-solving, teamwork, writing and communication, and critical thinking – and we need to develop and build on these basic skills as we learn. I hope you can find a major that can make you full of enthusiasm, expand your thinking, embrace the world, and feel with your heart.


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