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By Harmony Plus

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Do you often encounter these situations?

  • On the SAT/ACT or TOEFL, you will answer all the questions, yet you haven't actually read all of them yet…

  • American students can read a volume of literature in half a day, but you need a week…

  • You are often hurrying to browse a paragraph of English, yet you can't get the point after reading it…

So… through the Harmony Plus Speed Reading Course, we will help you learn to read quickly while also doubling your English reading efficiency!!!



Our speed reading course can help students exponentially increase their effective reading rate. Students can train their speed reading skills and improve their general reading skills in a short period of time in a way that is more in line with native English reading habits. Moreover, this can all be done based on the existing vocabulary and reading ability.

In the Harmony Plus Speed Reading Course, more than 90% of the students have increased their effective reading rate by 100%, and 100% of the students have increased their effective reading rate by more than 50%. And for this magical improvement to happen, it only takes 12 class hours to achieve the ERR (Effective Reading Rate) =

WPM (Vocabulary Per Minute) Correct Rate

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Student & Parent Feedback (Chinese)

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Student Growth Record


The following is the improvement record of students' ERR, which is an objective indicator for evaluating students' reading efficiency.


Judging from the record provided by the coach: W's effective reading rate has increased by 465.7%! Although it is an example, the course can ensure that students' effective reading rate increases by more than 50% in most cases.

Class Records Analysis

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ERR = Reading Vocabulary Per Minute x Correct Rate

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Course Benefits


1. Improve the effective reading rate and better cope with standardized tests:

Standardized exams are often time-constrained, with many questions, and thus insufficient effective reading rates will lead to weak scores. The Harmony Plus Speed Reading course helps students increase their effective reading rate by more than 100% and also helps them to better cope with standardized tests!


2. Improve reading accuracy and obtain information more effectively:


In many cases, after increasing the reading rate, the main information of the article cannot be effectively obtained. The Harmony Plus Speed Reading helps students improve their reading accuracy while improving their reading speed through training and assessment of reading accuracy.


3. Comparison of assessment before and after admission:


The Harmony Plus Speed Reading course tracks and evaluates students' effective reading rates throughout the entire process, locates students' English ability, and makes horizontal comparisons with American students to help students better understand their English capabilities.

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