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Recently, the job search site Glassdoor released the 2022 U.S. best jobs evaluation report. The report indicates that 'Data Scientist' ranks 3rd on the best occupations in the United States list and is currently one of the hottest occupations in the job market, with a median salary of $120,000. Data science jobs are in high demand, with many vacancies. Since 2012, open data science jobs on LinkedIn have increased by 650%; according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will still be 11.5 million vacancies for data science jobs by 2026.


Big data is the development trend of today's global industry. With the big data boom, competition for data science colleges and job applications is also intensifying… So how about if you have no data science background but still want to pursue a career in data science? Or what if you are already learning data science-related knowledge and skills but don't know how to stand out from the crowd of applicants? Or what if you want to enrich your resume to get more good job offers through more targeted applications, and for this, you need to know how to master key data skills effectively? If you are also interested in the above questions, the Kaggle competition training camp will help you answer your questions, help you improve relevant skills, and accumulate professional knowledge. Moreover, it is a great place to meet like-minded friends!


"Data scientists are becoming the most respected professionals of the 21st century."

-- Tom Davenport & DJ Patil


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* Domain Expertise seen in the diagram above may include finance, business, biology, psychology & computer science etc.

Project Highlights


Experience: Kaggle, the world's highest-profile data science competition


Authority: As a product of Google, Kaggle is the only global data science and artificial intelligence competition platform


Practicality: Kaggle cooperates with many well-known companies, universities, and research institutions to provide real data from genuine situations to solve practical problems


Recognition: The Kaggle website has more than 5 million registrants, most of whom are people with work experience. If high school students and college students have Kaggle competition experience, it will become an eye-catching highlight for further education and job hunting


Intensity: Kaggle's more popular competitions often have more than 4,000 teams participating

Quality: Only the top 10% in the Kaggle medal competition can win final medals, the top 10% can get a bronze medal

Students Learn: two programming languages (Python and R), data analysis and visualization, statistics, and basic machine learning models

Tutors Will: assign pre-class homework, homework, midterm as well as final exams to ensure students master the skills required for Kaggle competitions

Classroom Interaction: is strong, and students will experience an interesting classroom atmosphere that allows them to learn and grow together

Other: Students who have performed well in the Kaggle preliminary competition will have the opportunity to enter the advanced project and participate in Kaggle under the leadership of the Harmony Plus Kaggle coach

Improve data analysis skills to help solve industry problems:


▨ In-depth mastery of data analysis models and skills

▨ Apply programming knowledge to solve practical enterprise problems

▨ Familiar with the daily work of data scientists

▨ Improve the background of computer programming, mathematical statistics, financial business direction projects

▨ Acquired international high-standard data competition experience


Get personalized outputs to help with college and job applications:


▨ Kaggle competition high-ranking rankings and medals, become high-quality documents and resume materials for applying for schools or jobs

▨ Highly competitive data mining, analysis, modeling, and other related experience, stand out among many applicants

▨ Students with outstanding performance can obtain recommendation letters from senior industry mentors (data scientists) to further assist in the application


Page Picture 6 (Dr. Zhang).png



• Doctor of Engineering, Columbia University, USA

• American Express Quantitative Manager

• As an expert Kaggle competition tutor in recent years, Dr. Zhang's students have won 1st gold medals, 21 silver medals, and 10 bronze medals



High school and college students who are passionate about data science, computing, mathematics and statistics, finance, and business.

How To Apply


• Please fill out the basic registration form below and a program specialist will contact you
• Students who pass the first round evaluation need to submit a subsequent application package including:


(1) Application essay

(2) Transcript

(3) Resume (optional)

(4) Application interviews in certain cases

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