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ABOUT THE WRITER  Joyce Z. has over 15 years of consulting service experience in the study abroad industry, and she is familiar with all aspects of studying in North America. She has accompanied many international students and their families through important moments in decision-making processes that will have lifelong impacts. She can help students sort through the confusion of choosing a school's major. Furthermore, she is good at supporting students while staying up late to study hard to earn degrees. She is good at helping walk students through the process of deciding whether to return home or remain overseas after graduation. Accompanying international students and families gain more trust from students and families. She firmly believes that "empowering" students to grow has and continues to be her greatest career gain. She is looking forward to meeting more determined learners and empowering the growth of more students.

ABOUT THE COLUMN The Harmony Plus University Introduction Column introduces various kinds of distinctive American universities and university majors every week. The column explores the details of universities from multiple perspectives, hoping to bring more inspiration to students and parents when selecting a school, and helping them find the ultimate and fitting dream school.


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