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ABOUT THE WRITER Harmony Plus Bilingual Consultant Christine C. graduated from a well-known pedagogical college in China and has six years of application consulting experience in the study abroad industry. She has focused on the education industry throughout her career and has often visited foreign universities for investigations and research. She is well-versed in the personalized research and development of 9-12 grade students and undergraduate students. She has helped many famous students apply to dream schools. Every student is an independent individual, digging deep into students' characteristics. Every student is regarded as golden, and she knows how to polish their highlights. She always regards that every student as one of the brightest future stars. She is attentive, careful, patient, enthusiastic, and confident and provides "five-heart-level service."

ABOUT THE COLUMN The Harmony Plus Current Events Column shares information about studying in the United States and other countries, covering issues that impact the studies of international students studies and life abroad. Moreover, this column is dedicated to providing comprehensive study abroad information and empowering families to study abroad, and lending a hand to the cause of international education.

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