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Big News! Applying for Financial Aid No Longer Affects Your Chances of Successfully Applying!

On January 13th, 2022, Dartmouth College, one of the eight Ivy League schools, announced that the bursary policy for international students will be changed to a "Need-blind" principle, which will take effect immediately for all students admitted in 2022! So, what is the need-blind principle? As the name implies, the demand for financial aid will not be taken into account during the admission considerations process. That is, students from poor families are also eligible to be admitted, and will not be excluded or disadvantaged by the school by applying for scholarships or grants.

At this point, Dartmouth has become the sixth American university to review applications for international students on a need-blind basis; the other five are Harvard, Princeton, MIT, and Amherst College (Faculty of Arts and Sciences).

Some parents or students may be wondering, what are the scholarships and other provisions?

Scholarships (merit-based ones), provided that they are given to students with excellent academic performance, will be delegated based on the materials submitted by the students and, moreover, in dual consideration with the academic difficulty of the school they are studying. The amount generally ranges from 2,000-20,000 US dollars per year. At the same time, it also entails "throwing an olive branch at you" and attracting you to study. Like the students I have supported before, who are engaged in a full four years of study in the United States, and a GPA of 4/4.45, they have all won scholarships from Case Western Reserve University.

As the name suggests, financial aid is to subsidize students whose families lack the financial conditions to pay for school. It often includes tuition fee reductions and campus job opportunities. This is subdivided into need-based and need-blind. The former will consider your family's lack of economic factors during the admissions application stage to reduce or even cancel out your chances of admission; the latter is what we mentioned earlier and will not be restricted by any influencing factors.

Dartmouth's release of this policy will undoubtedly attract more applicants and outstanding talents to strengthen the school. Students and parents who have questions about the US application process can contact us at Harmony Plus.


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