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Rice University - A STEM Majors Hub & the Harvard of the South

For career-conscious students, few fields offer better job prospects than science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (collectively referred to as STEM). In this article, we introduce an outstanding school amongst many American universities that have excellent STEM majors.

According to the statistics of the top 30 STEM universities in the United States generated by the Bachelor Degree Center, in addition to specialized universities in the military field, comprehensive universities, famous universities in science and engineering such as California Institute of Technology (CIT) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are both undoubtedly on the list.

However, the university we are sharing with you today is not CIT and MIT, but rather a university with a lovely name - Rice University, which is nicknamed "Big Rice" by many students.

Established in 1912, Rice University is a well-known private university. It is well-known throughout the United States for its top undergraduate education strength and scientific research level in applied sciences. It enjoys the reputation of "Harvard in the South" and also embodies top-level academic status in the southern United States. Rice University Stats

1) According to US News ranking data: In 2022, US News ranked it overall at 17th, in the category of the best undergraduate education, it ranked 6th, in the category of most valuable schools, it ranked 5th, in the category of most innovative schools, it ranked 16th, and in the category of the best undergraduate engineering schools it ranked 19th.

2) Niche ranking data ranked it as No. 7 in the “Comprehensively Best” category 3) The Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education University Rankings ranked it No. 7 amongst “the schools with the best resources”

4) It was ranked 1st as the university with the highest quality of life by the Princeton Review

low instructor-to-student ratio at about 1:6. On the other hand, classes with less than 20 students account for 69.4% of the total, and the average retention rate of freshmen (an indicator of student satisfaction) stands at an outstanding index of 97%. Location & Campus Environment Rice University is located in Houston, Texas. As the fourth-largest city in the United States, Houston is one of the windows of American art and culture. The school is located in the downtown area and has convenient transportation. There are various museums and shopping centers nearby. It has sports venues and is the second-largest theater district in the United States. This is a well-known wealthy area and the safest area in the city. Houston has a developed economy and provides a wealth of internship and employment opportunities for graduates. There are many Chinese people living there, and there is a China Mall in the city, which also provides very convenient conditions for Chinese students to adapt to life.

Rice University is composed of some colleges, including the School of Social Sciences, the School of Humanities, and the Wiess School of Natural Sciences, amongst others. Its graduate schools include the well-known Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business and the George R. Brown School of Engineering, as well as a highly acclaimed School of Architecture and the Shepherd School of Music. At the same time, Rice University is home to the James Baker III Public Policy Institute, a non-partisan think tank that provides courses, internships, and lectures.

The most popular majors in 2020 included: Computer & Information Science, Biochemistry, Economics, Sports Science & Kinesiology, Psychology, Sports Fitness Management/Management, Cognitive Science, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Political Science, and amongst them Computer & information Science majors account for 10%.



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