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Step Into Data science and Understand its Value

Greetings to parents and classmates and happy new year!

Let me give you a preview of what’s ahead, for starters:

We will start a new round of online data science courses during the winter vacation. The star professor Greg Leblanc of the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley will serve as the course coach and guide learners through an online course and teamwork learning related to data. In addition to strengthening basic scientific knowledge, the course will help students to better understand the business applications of data science, give opportunities for learning data software tools and conducting research on predictive analysis in real cases. Moreover, it will help students gain valuable research experience through in-depth academic reports and research papers.

This course is open to students grades 9-12 who are preparing to apply for studies in the United States. It is suitable for students from all major and interest backgrounds to participate in the study, it is not only for STEM or business students. In the future, all graduates should and need to understand and master certain data science knowledge, because the huge amount of potential and energy contained in "big data" is constantly being accumulated and is related to all walks of life. Moreover, the technical foundation and practical capacity of the overall data industry is constantly evolving. Therein, data has become one of the most valuable assets owned by any business.

This holds true not only for digital giants such as Google, Alibaba or Facebook (Meta), but also for small and medium size companies. That is because data enables companies to make better decisions, understand market trends and customers more accurately, provide smarter products and services, improve business operations, and generate new sources of revenue. Data brings insights, sometimes highly unexpected ones with profound implications!

The major of data science is a typical interdisciplinary subject involving professional knowledge of mathematics, statistics, and computer, as well as knowledge of many other subjects such as economics, finance, sociology, medicine, and general pedagogy. With the development of big data technology, more professional disciplines will be combined with big data technology in the future, so students who study data science will have more choices when choosing the main direction in the future.

Learning data science is learning how to solve problems that can affect the entire enterprise as well as their employees and the customers they serve. The ability to think analytically and solve problems in the right way is a skill that is always useful, not only in the professional field, but also in daily life. Students should maintain a strong curiosity, willingness to learn new things and a grit endowed attitude apt for consistently pursuing progress. The purpose of data science is to cultivate students' rational thinking, practical ability, and data analysis abilities. These are the abilities and qualities that American universities value when enrolling students. Major companies have also taken a fancy to the problem-solving ability of data science professionals. We encourage students from different majors to learn data science knowledge. It is very meaningful whether it is helpful for applying for the United States or showing the advantages of interdisciplinary talents at the time of graduate employment.

Let's now take the Data Strategy online course that will soon be launched by Harmony Plus during the winter vacation as an example. The course is designed to let students understand the role of data and statistical analysis in management decision-making. It lets students understand how to find and develop correct data, and use appropriate statistical methods to help solve business problems. The course is designed as a highly experiential course that combines lectures, case discussions and team projects. This course will enable students to have good academic competitive advantages by mastering the most popular data science knowledge.

Professor Greg LeBlanc

More about Professor Greg LeBlanc: He is a professor at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, and a former professor at the University of Pennsylvania, Duke University, and the University of Virginia. Professor Greg LeBlanc has four bachelor's degrees, one master's degree, and two doctoral degrees (respectively in finance and law). He is the co-founder of Ed-Tech startups, Skydeck, Fintech hub and many other startups and incubators. He is also director and consultant of various initiatives. Furthermore, he is also the first professor in the United States to provide an interdisciplinary blockchain course. Top students who graduated from the online Data Strategy course at Harmony Plus in the past have had the opportunity to obtain a strong recommendation letter from Professor Greg LeBlanc.

For students who want to apply for data science majors and enter the top-ranked schools in the United States, they need to demonstrate to the universities their ability to handle the heavy academic and extracurricular workloads related to this field. This is especially important for students applying for data science majors, because data science is a strict and challenging STEM major. In order to prepare themselves and show their abilities to the admissions committee, students need to study advanced courses in the STEM direction, especially mathematics and computing. Students should ensure that they have taken calculus, statistics, physics and other programming courses offered by the school. Students can further prove their love for data science by participating in extracurricular activities that will further develop your programming and math prerequisite training. Some eligible activities and courses including robotics clubs, computer science courses or math courses are all very good choices. In fact, this is another reason why we decided to launch the data science course at Harmony Plus.

By 2025, experts estimate that an unimaginable 463 exabytes of data will be created every day in the world

The amount of data in the world is soaring. Forget kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes and terabytes. According to data from the World Economic Forum, in 2020, the digital world will include an astonishing 44 zettabytes. If this amazing number is presented in a visual form, the number of bytes in the world already exceeds 40 times the number of stars in the universe! At the same time, by 2025, experts estimate that an unimaginable 463 exabytes of data will be created every day in the world. This begs the question: With so much data, how can we avoid being submerged in it? This is where data knowledge comes in.

Looking to the future, data science will play an important role in driving major business decisions. Data science trends will define modern healthcare, finance, government decision-making, corporate management, business marketing, manufacturing and energy sectors and more. When recruiting new talents, companies rank data skills as one of the most sought after capabilities. Students who are interested in learning should not miss it!

Have a look at our official web page and learn more about the online Data Strategy Winter Vacation course:


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