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Title: Extracurricular Activities, Trainees and Internship Club (EATIC)

Grade: 9-12

Category: Club




Extracurricular Activity, Trainee and Internship Club (EATIC) is an organization that gives students access to exclusive internship/research opportunities and extracurricular activities cultivated by Harmony Plus! The club advisors will share information and news about extracurricular activities and internships. As members of the club, students will also have the opportunity to connect with other high-achieving students who may become their future project collaborators. Members will also have the option to join bi-weekly workshops and webinars, on applying for and participating in extracurricular activities, internships and research projects. As truly meaningful extracurricular opportunities are hard to come by during the COVID-19 pandemic, EATIC provides students with highly valuable background, social, personal, and professional support.




  • By participating in activities outside of the traditional classroom, students are able to grow personally and professionally.
  • Students can gain practical, hands-on experience as well as develop essential soft skills, such as leadership, management, and teamwork abilities.
  • By gaining this kind of experience and developing these skills, these activities and internships enhance students’ college applications and give them a competitive edge for future employment applications.
  • Therefore, EATIC will help students get into better colleges, determine their future academic and professional paths, and prepare for their future careers.

Standard Membership Benefits

All EATIC tiers will receive the following benefits:


  • EATIC Student-Driven Projects
    • Students join one or more project teams.
    • Students have the opportunity to choose their own project topic or join a predetermined one.
    • Students work on projects under the direction of an advisor; however, all of the projects are student-driven, which means that the students are the primary drivers of the project who direct it on their own.
    • Students will schedule project meeting times outside of class.
  • EATIC Opportunities
    • Every week, students receive EATIC opportunity pages via email.
    • Students have the chance to join any of the opportunities that they are eligible for.
  • EATIC Workshops
    • EATIC workshops are held every fourth Saturday of the month.
    • EATIC members can attend any workshop free of charge.
    • Topics include résumé building, interview skills, LinkedIn optimization, and more.
  • EATIC Club Meetings
    • EATIC club meetings are held every second Saturday of the month.
    • Club meetings are student-led; EATIC members have the chance to run for club leadership positions.
  • Access to applying for exclusive internship, volunteer, and research opportunities cultivated by Harmony Plus.
  • Access to exclusive bi-weekly EATIC workshops.
    • Workshop topics include: Resume building, interview skills, summer program applications, research project on climate change
  • Connect with other outstanding EATIC members, who are potential project collaborators for each other.
  • Join a member-only EATIC group on Slack to learn about internship opportunities, activity opportunities, how to apply for outside internships and jobs, information related to activities and internships, and more.
  • Become a part of additional group chats on Slack that connect members of similar majors.
  • Participate in any volunteer activities sponsored by Harmony Plus.
  • Compete for the Presidents’ Volunteer Service Award based on the volunteer hours recorded. 
  • Have the opportunity to gain a leadership role in the club that can be added to a student’s résumé.

Extracurricular Activity, Trainee, and Internship Club (EATIC)

  • Click to download EATIC Summer 2021 Brochure

    *(For Students Enrolled in Other HP Programs)
    Bronze: $49/month; $499/year
    Platinum: to be negotiated with Harmony Plus Founders

    *(Students Not Enrolled in Other HP Programs)
    Bronze: $99/month; $999/year
    Platinum: to be negotiated with Harmony Plus Founders

    If you’re interested in the program, please fill out this form and we’ll contact you shortly >>>

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