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Course Introduction:


Tell Your Story – Writing Competition Boot Camp (Hot!):

Students will learn to create a polished, competition-ready narrative. Their work will be constructively critiqued by the instructor.


Persuasive Writing Boot Camp:

Students will practice persuasive writing via text analysis and writing activities, meanwhile cultivating critical thinking abilities.


Playwriting Boot Camp:

Students will learn about playwriting by reading contemporary classics and creating short plays.


Creative Writing Boot Camp:

Students will learn the fundamentals of fiction (plot, setting, character, theme, etc.) and create their own story.

Spring Break Writing Boot Camp

  • Grade: 4-6
    Date: 4/5-4/8 or 4/12-4/15, 4 sessions
    Time (PST): 10:00-11:30AM / 1:30-3:00PM / 3:00-4:30PM

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