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Proshow Gold With Serial Key ##BEST##

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I'm very frustrated. I am completing a graduation ceremony video for our high school. Got it done in proshow producer, which I've been using for 5 years now. Published it, sent it out to our admin and now changes need to be made. Once I made the changes, I went to republish it. Now it won't republish without a watermark stating its an evaluation. I purchased this and all the upgrades. When I try my old activation keys its says their not recognized. So like other's I decided to go to Photopia director, since it was recommended. Everything moved over just fine, but I can't publish the d*** thing. I needed this, like, yesterday. I have a group of seniors that really need this to boost their moral. I put in a support request, but am waiting to hear back. I have shut off my virus protection during publishing, turned off background running apps, but it will only give me up to the first 8 minutes (its 28 minutes long).

If you really didn't keep a copy of (or cannot find) your activation key you might consider using a utility such as Belarc Advisor which will show what serial numbers you have associated with the software installed on your computer and it might reveal your Proshow Gold activation key even if the software itself is not properly recognizing it. You could then reactivate it on the now working activation/validation server.

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