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The color is a nice, dark purple. The nose is dark and smokey, a surprise for a $5.99 Cab, there are scents of blackberry, brown sugar, a little cigar box, light herbs, black pepper, and raspberry. The Velvet Moon Cabernet Sauvignon 2020 has a velvet mouthfeel and dark, complex flavors ($5.99)This Cabernet Sauvignon tastes like blackberry, licorice, a rough brush of spice, and ripe plum. The mid-palate shows tart cranberry, mocha, a tug from the tannins, and a late hit of black cherry.None of the descriptors written above is anything you would ever expect from a $5.99 bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. If you told me this wine sold for twice the price I would believe you.The SummaryThe Velvet Moon Cabernet Sauvignon 2020 is possibly the best $5.99 Cabernet Sauvignon from California.Listen to the companion PODCAST below!!! 59ce067264


PLCS stands for... P arents + L earners + C oaches + S up...

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