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TRICK教养法 / Parenting with TRICK (PLCS - Group)

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Ogalinau Izajcevb
Ogalinau Izajcevb

скачать русификатор The Foundry Nuke v5.1.1


Credits for changes in this updated version of the unofficial patch:Benwah & Hairylegs222 (Tommy)Tommy is the bug fixing and merging expert of the operation, having done the overwhelming majority of update work including merging in tons of his own prior bug fixes and those of many others in the community. He developed new bug fixes for new reports, and solved old lingering issues as well.Benwah deciphered and updated the installer and compiler, agitating for updates to this patch that no one seemed to think was possible for years. "Actually my biggest contribution was getting Tommy to join."Freddy Farnsworth for advice & encouragement. He identified many (most) of the community fixes included and improved a few of them himself. Prensa for They let me play with their pucks, Super-Duper Non Bleeding Checkout, Point Lookout - No more silent Doors. Also thanks to Prensa for advice and encouragement, and extensive support of the old mod on forum. He is a true champion of this mod's preservation.APipino - creator of ordenador texture optimizer found on Nexus: ivinsjames (James Dizzle) for Rivet City crash fix.FOOK2 team for the auto-completion fix in the This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough quest and Faction fixesobject placement fixes by sialiviBroken Steel GNR broadcast fix by LLJKTechnogeekHoly Water Pamphlets Disabler by bigmillPoint Lookout Goodies by explosivo666Outcasts fix by PapadopoulosStop Insulting Me Outcasts by LawlderSuperDuper Mart Aisle Sign Fix by MarciusBeardEyebrowFix by gengrimm1.5:The Pitt Reforged by xmlninjaLeo Stahl's Drug container to require only a key to open bug spotted by polbashkisnesloBring Back Bael by dragontwosix1.6:Tesla Cannon Vertibird One Shot Fix by Pr0bability (1.6.1)Sink in the player's home at Megaton to be purified Thanks to Fook2Anchorage Gauss Rifle VATS Damage Fix by coelomate Ranger Helmet Texture Unlocker by aiglos357Citadel Crane Fix by zedas The Pitt - Everett Fix by svartbergOperation Anchorage - Fixes by YukichigaiMothership Zeta Wasteland Teleport Shader Fix by rad666aFixed Eyeglasses by 1st DaggerMoriartys Key Restored by thegordThe fix for an intractable problem with Faydra, Tobar, Catherine wandering off to wherever the player is was identified by rickerhk Credits for the Original version of this patch by Quazzy:Quazzy, and a long list of UF3P contributors documented at The NifSkope Team - no mesh fixes would of been possible without NifSkope, invaluable program!sialivi - for reporting well over 1100+ issues (which I'm still working on fixing).Crypton - for providing and setting up the Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch bugtracker! Great in helping the project!MadCat221 - for fixing the issues with plasmarifle.nif, laserpistol.nif, laserrifle.nif, the over glossy hair, the enclavetesla power armor collar, fixing the nuke imagespace modifier and reporting lots of other bugs!dr_AllCOM3 - for improving the litter texture fix even more, fixing the incorrect alpha on 2 textures ( and and also improving the road chunk texture ( - for the wonderful FO3Edit program!Ryu Doppler - for fixing the Enclave Officer's Uniform glove clipping into the Pip-Boy if the Pip-Boy glove was unequiped and fixing Elder Lyon's Robe (ArmorEnclaveOfficerglovel.nif, ArmorEnclaveOfficergloveml.nif, ArmorElderLyonsgo.nif, ArmorElderLyonsoutfitm.nif, ArmorElderLyonsoutfitf.nif, - for the Head Fixes (HeadChild.nif, HeadChildFemale.nif, HeadFemale.nif, HeadHuman.nif, HeadOld.nif, HeadOldFemale.nif, headchild.egm, HeadChild.tri, HeadChildFemale.egm, HeadChildFemale.tri, HeadFemale.egm, HeadFemale.tri, HeadHuman.egm, HeadHuman.tri, HeadOld.egm, HeadOld.tri, HeadOldFemale.egm, HeadOldFemale.tri).Alystin - for the GameDaysPassed fix.3DogprensaTale of Two WastelandsCivisRomanusvincentindigoprisoner416InAComaDial999trulypandaSuBNeRoCLHopper31YakutatazuParasitechucksteelRazorwireinsaneplumbersesomelek2008


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