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TRICK教养法 / Parenting with TRICK (PLCS - Group)

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Ogalinau Izajcevb
Ogalinau Izajcevb

Frivolous Lola

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At precisely the moment when we need more reporters covering the healthcare crisis, the climate emergency, and economic inequality, we have television pundits paid tens of millions of dollars to pontificate about frivolous political gossip, as local news outlets are eviscerated.

He contrasts scenes of dreary uniformed students in the classroom with the light, frivolous, colorful nightclub. Young male students move collectively in military-style greatcoats and caps, stamping to rhythms, often without music, emphasizing their regimented lives. The spangled can-can dancers, clowns, acrobats, and the gutteral singer and scantily clad Rosa Frohlich offer an escape from this prisoning discipline. Marius Constant's score echoes the mixed moods with heavy brooding, almost martial strains and tuneful piano solos. The scenery by the Yugoslavian designer Josef Svoboda captures the heavy Germanic atmosphere with a backdrop of steep-roofed outlines, over which appear dark cloud formations.

The website "Uchronia" contains a comprehensive listing of these items. Some are frivolous, silly, or satirical; others are serious and very thought-provoking, and we'll focus on this category. In six sessions, group members will discuss stories and essays by historians and writers of fiction, with each session focusing on one or more "what-if" concepts. 59ce067264


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