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Corel Draw Dmg


Corel Draw Dmg

The Create a New Document dialog box has been redesigned to provide a central location for starting new drawings. The dialog box now has two tabs, Document Settings and Templates, so you can switch between views with ease.

On the Document Settings tab (File > New), you can start a blank drawing by specifying document settings or choosing a preset. CorelDRAW lets you search and browse a wide selection of print, web, device-specific, and social media presets. Presets include predefined settings for page size and orientation, primary color mode, units of measurement, and resolution. For example, the LinkedIn Cover preset from the Social category uses pixels instead of inches, landscape orientation, RGB color, and has the dimensions required for a LinkedIn cover image. To find presets more easily, CorelDRAW lets you filter them by category and page type and sort them by name, date, and page size.

On the Templates tab (File > New from Template), you can start a drawing from a template. The interfaces for filtering and sorting templates as well as accessing local and network folders have been reorganized to help you quickly find the templates you need.

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