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Ogalinau Izajcevb

VMware Workstation V6.0.4 Download Pc

VMware Workstation V6.0.4 Download Pc >>>

in this tutorial, you create a vsan-aware host that is configured for compliance to the vmware vsan certification technical requirements, and use it to deploy a vsan witness appliance. youll learn how to install the vsan witness appliance in a live esxi 6.5 environment, and how to configure it for ha and high availability. youll learn about the vsan witness appliances use in a ha deployment, and how it provides redundancy. finally, youll learn how the vsan witness appliance can be used in conjunction with vmware vsphere advanced extension mobility, which provides a method for device mobility in the vsan witness appliance.

the vsan witness appliance is the first component in the vsan vsphere solution. in this tutorial, you provision a vsan witness appliance in a test lab using the vmware vsphere 6.5 sdk. the host is configured with an external dhcp address, and has two networks enabled, one to the vsan data network and one to the internet.

an additional resource of vmware vsan 6.5 is the vsan health check command, which is included in the vsan 6.5 release and allows for monitoring and troubleshooting of vsan objects and components. the vsan health check can also be used in conjunction with the vsan health monitor to provide comprehensive monitoring and troubleshooting of vsan objects.

the vmware configurator can be used by any authorized user to create customized settings for a deployed vsphere infrastructure. for instance, you might use the configurator to create a custom settings file for a new datacenter, or to configure the settings for an existing datacenter. 3d9ccd7d82


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