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After having children, you become a parent. But, unfortunately, after becoming a parent, you may not be able to raise children effectively. In other words, everyone has no or little experience when they become parents for the first time. Yet by the time you have experience, your child has already grown up. Parents need professional guidance to raise children when they are growing. The Parenting with TRICK On-demand Video Course is a wise choice for all types of parents.​ The TRICK parenting method was created by Harmony Plus Dean Esther Wojcicki (Ph.D.), a well-known American educator, U.S. Department of Education consultant, and Google for Education leader. She is known as the “Godmother of the Silicon Valley.” Not only is she a successful teacher, but she has also raised three outstanding daughters. For four decades, Esther taught at Palo Alto High School, a top public high school in the California Bay Area where she developed the country's largest media program. Many of her students have gone on to become industry influencers worldwide. The TRICK parenting method seen in this video series summarizes Esther’s life-long education experience shared in the form of an on-demand video series. It includes lessons divided into chapters, corresponding in-depth pre-recorded webinar sessions as well as supplemental Q&A sessions.​

Total Hours: 6 hours + 4 hours of bonus content

Language(s): Mixed Chinese & English

Producer: Harmony Plus, Inc.


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On-Demand Video Course


"Trust, Respect, Independence, Collaboration & Kindness."   

- Esther Wojcicki