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After having children, you become a parent. But, unfortunately, after becoming a parent, you may not be able to raise children effectively. In other words, everyone has no or little experience when they become parents for the first time. Yet by the time you have experience, your child has already grown up. Parents need professional guidance to raise children when they are growing. The Parenting with TRICK On-demand Video Course is a wise choice for all types of parents.​ The TRICK parenting method was created by Harmony Plus Dean Esther Wojcicki (Ph.D.), a well-known American educator, U.S. Department of Education consultant, and Google for Education leader. She is known as the “Godmother of the Silicon Valley.” Not only is she a successful teacher, but she has also raised three outstanding daughters. For four decades, Esther taught at Palo Alto High School, a top public high school in the California Bay Area where she developed the country's largest media program. Many of her students have gone on to become industry influencers worldwide. The TRICK parenting method seen in this video series summarizes Esther’s life-long education experience shared in the form of an on-demand video series. It includes lessons divided into chapters, corresponding in-depth pre-recorded webinar sessions as well as supplemental Q&A sessions.​

Total Hours: 6 hours + 4 hours of bonus content

Language(s): Mixed Chinese & English

Producer: Harmony Plus, Inc.


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On-Demand Video Course


"Trust, Respect, Independence, Collaboration & Kindness."   

- Esther Wojcicki

Parenting in our digital age is a brave new frontier, fraught for both parents and children. But as Esther Wojcicki—beloved teacher, parent, and writer whose work I’ve long admired—shows, modern parenting can be a joy instead of a constant struggle. Esther Wojcicki is leading a revolution not only in how we prepare our children to succeed, but how we nurture the health and well-being of parents across the world. How to Raise Successful People shows us how to be our best so our children can be their best.

Arianna Huffington

(Founder of Thive Global and Huffington Post)

“As a teacher, Esther Wojcicki was brave enough to challenge conventional teaching, understanding that students need to be active participants in their own learning. As a parent, she innately understood how to foster responsibility, self-reliance, and fearless creativity in her daughters. Esther’s mix of practical wisdom and inspiration will be a prized resource for anyone raising the next generation to live with purpose and unlimited potential.”

Laurene Powell Jobs

(Founder of Emerson Collective)

“Every industry is clamoring for more innovators, more creative leaders who can solve problems with intelligence and a strong sense of social responsibility. Esther Wojcicki knows exactly how to instill these values in our children. We need her insights now more than ever.”

Marc Benioff

(CEO of Salesforce, Bestselling author of Behind the Cloud)

“The best book I’ve read in the past year is How to Raise Successful People by Esther Wojcicki,” Edo told the publication this week. “There is nothing more important than raising and educating our kids and doing it well and she achieved this using the word TRICK.”

Princess Beatrice

(British Royal Family)

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​Esther summarized the five principles into this easy-to-remember acronym, and thus was born the TRICK parenting method. It aims to help parents improve parent-child relationships, make children more independent, and ensure that they have a brighter future. In the 21st century, society needs talents with courage, creativity, independent thinking abilities, collaborative abilities as well as individuals who can quickly adapt to changes. The TRICK education method perfectly fits this change and has led the direction of education reform. Moreover, Esther herself has tested and proven this method by raising outstanding children by practicing the TRICK parenting method within her own family and in the classroom. She tells everyone to practice these simple values which pave the road to success. The combination produces excellent results. Following TRICK, parents can quickly raise happy and successful children who contribute to the future world. The course content is delivered through a unique blend of Chinese and English together by
Harmony Plus CEO Bill Zhao and Harmony Plus Co-CEO Esther Wojcicki.

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Bill Zhao & Esther Wojcicki


  • California Teacher of the Year 2002

  • Education Consultant to the Obama White House

  • Google Education Founding Team Member 

  • 40 Years of Experience as Public High School Instructor

  • Forbes 50/50 Most Impact in World  (Read More in English / Read More in Chinese)

  • Mother of YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki

  • Mother of UCSF Professor Janet Wojcicki

  • Also mother of co-founder of 23andme, Anne Wojcicki



  • Learn the TRICK parenting method directly from the creator.

  • Realize your own self-growth in the process of learning and practicing the TRICK parenting method, which makes both children and families experience all kinds of positive changes.

  • Learn how to apply what you have learned, as well as how to share with other parents the practical and effective parenting guidance inherent to the TRICK method.

  • By keeping up to date with the times, not only are current problems of parents solved, but they are also inspired to think about their children's future development. 




  • When respected, one’s reputation will spread far

  • Pursuing wisdom throughout life makes one into a parenting legend

  • By sincerely analyzing and reflecting on our parenting actions, we can guide one another

  • Lastly and importantly, in fact, the wisdom of Silicon Valley is worth having!


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This on-demand video series hopes to coach viewers on cultivating self-responsible adults with good personalities. Using the TRICK parenting method, we can bring new vitality to the process of raising children and make it what it should be, full of mutual companionship, happiness, and joy.

Part 1A: Introduction (Bill Zhao)

Part 1B: Helicopter Parenting (Esther)

Part 1C: Helicopter Parenting Q&A (Esther)

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​Parents respect their children's growth rhythm. First, they should respect that their children are people with independent consciousness. Second, they should accept their children with great patience and let them develop according to their track, allowing them to lead their parents forward, rather than imposing their parents' life ideals on the children.


Part 3A: Respect (Bill)

Part 3B: Respect Your Child (Esther)

Part 3C: Respect Q&A (Esther)



​Cooperation is very important for everyone! Cooperation exists in many forms between parents and children and between friends and more. Parents can explore opportunities to grow up with their children everywhere. Children who know how to cooperate and are good at cooperation are closer to future success!



Part 5A - Collaboration (Bill)

Part 5B - Collaboration (Esther)

Part 5C - Collaboration Q&A (Esther)



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(1) Trust.png


​Parents and teachers need to know that a word or a sentence may make a child stand up, save his life, or break his confidence. Trust empowers students and others around the world. This process begins very early in life with implications that extend far beyond your imagination.


Part 2A: Trust (Bill)

Part 2B: Trust Your Child (Esther)

Part 2C: Trust Q&A (Esther)

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​Independence is the only way for children to grow up. Parents should not control or overprotect their children but rather teach them to be responsible for their own life. Independence also allows children to find their enthusiasm and forge their perseverance independently.


Part 4A: Independence (Bill)

Part 4B: Independence (Esther)

Part 4C: Independence Q&A (Esther)

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​When children do something out of goodwill or with a sense of responsibility, they can bear more blows while persevering. If they go further on the road they choose, they will also get greater satisfaction and happiness.


Part 6A - Kindness (Bill)

Part 6B - Kindness (Esther)

Part 6C - Kindness Q&A (Esther)

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Learning from others' rearing methods to cultivate one's children is a long-term concern of parents. The TRICK parenting method has triggered parents' thinking and guided them to help their children's growth and progress in positive practice.

Part 7A - Conclusion