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May @ EATIC - Volunteering Abroad

Updated: May 18, 2022

There are a lot of positive outcomes correlated to volunteering abroad - in fact, many are indescribable and undefinable. The process of being a volunteer can build character, ethical awareness, and the overall personality of an individual - especially if done when young. Simply by sharing and giving more than you take through an intensive experience — what oftentimes equates to offering your listening ears and caring sense, and what also equates to donating your own finances in kind by giving away precious time changes people positively because of a wild combination of eye-opening experiences, difficult moments, and impactful exchanges and group-based problem-solving.

To put it in another way, it is an outstanding opportunity to come out of one's comfort zone and explore the unknown - let go of what you know, take a leap of faith and find yourself surprised as you are holding onto something else. Through a fresh culture, new place, and vivid atmosphere you will be able to see yourself in another light. Let's break the benefits into a few points:

Gain A Cross-Cultural Viewpoint

Volunteering in one's own country simply does not bring about the biggest benefits.... by experiencing and witnessing a totally different walk of life, learners can develop a more well-rounded perspective of the world. It is exactly through this that we can come to realize how different life can be for different people. By getting outside what is comfortable for you, its a big chance to experience more.

Come to Know Just How Much You Really Have

Being exposed to the joys, the hardships and the relative happiness that different people in different places have will simply make you more aware and capable of appreciating your situation, opportunities and walk of life. Moreover, and very importantly, this will help you become more capable of helping other people.

Cultivate New Interests

By doing things you will never do while at home, you will have a huge opportunity to find very specific interests, even if they are hidden inside general activities - its all about the context and the inspirations of the moment that will surround you. On the other hand, simply by fulfilling a long-standing volunteering ambition, it could be your opportunity to more fully realize new challenges and new tastes.

By Giving More Than Taking, We Achieve Benevolence

You will most certainly become more selfless as you commit yourself and your time to the betterment of others and humanity. By learning this, you will find yourself expecting less from others and moreover happier with what you already have. As you come to better understand the hard times that others are going through, it is also very likely that you will be able to let go of stereotypes, prejudices and preconceptions. In other words, it will be your big chance to become less judgmental.

Walk in Another’s Shoes

The more that you walk in other's shoes, and the more that you do that on their terms and conditions, the more flexible and outgoing and dynamic a person you will become.

Join Us

That is why this month's topic in EATIC will be related to volunteering abroad both in high school and even after going to college. Looking forward to extending this conversation with all of you! Please reference the EATIC PLUS page on our official website.


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